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About The Magentic Heart

Our thoughts and feelings carry a field of energy that will either attract or prevent us from the things that matter the most to us. Science has recently discovered that the heart has 5000 times more of an energy field than the brain. The heart even has neurons and it’s own ‘mini-brain’.

If you find yourself stuck ‘in your head’ with chaotic thoughts, overwhelm, inner critic,depression, anxiety, the need to know or be right, anger, judgment, defensiveness or addictive habits it’s time to take a look at yourself with compassion and reconnect to the things that have been blocked for awhile.

It’s time to reconnect to your heart. We are people who want to live each day fully aware and open to learning, growth and new opportunity. It's about waking up each day with an intent for kindness, openness, integrity, passion and excellence in all that you do.

About Jerilyn

JerilynJerilyn Morgan is a highly experienced personal life & wellness coach and a celebrated radio talk show host and speaker. Her Magnetic Heart Life Coaching Show broadcasts over the air in Nashville, Tennessee as well as worldwide via the internet.

Jerilyn has co-owned and operated a gourmet vegetarian restaurant and taught Nutrition and Wellness classes as well as coached hundreds of clients on how to eat for strength and vitality. She is a firm believer in alternative healing and loves to promote products, foods, and plants that help the body restore itself to a youthful, energetic state. She is a specialist in the field of glyconutrition and real food technology and is on a mission to provide nourishment to malnourished children with a program called 'Give For Real'.

She has learned from her own life experience how to embrace each moment and gracefully ride the waves of change. She is great at helping her clients navigate the shifting sands and winds of change in their own lives and experience waves of peace and joy as they embrace the new reality of abundance in all areas of life!